location intelligence


In agriculture many of the challenges are similar to mining, working in traditionally disconnected areas, capturing data and harnessing data to make decisions going forward. We borrow mining and geospatial technology and apply them to problems in agriculture.

Farmers deal with vast land areas with a need to extract products from the land and transport, blend, and optimize. They use the Spring Agri platform to help manage data around contamination, before sending the information back to head office to inform others about what is happening on the ground.  Spring Agri has been tailored for this sector by experts in this industry.

SpringTech delivers location intelligence for agribusinesses using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Geofencing for paddock contamination monitoring and mapping risk areas. We monitor operations with live data feed on one platform to empower informed decision making.

With your data and the SpringTech platform we can assist your business to make more informed and accurate decisions. Please contact us today to discuss the data needs of your agribusiness.