CorePlan enables Senior Geologists and Exploration Managers to budget, drill and streamline activities from planning to completion.



CoreTrack integrates operations, maps processes, drives decisions and resolves bottlenecks in a real-time analytics platform.

SaaS is here

Software as a Service provides game-changing efficiencies across industries and is now available to to mining & exploration.

Better than paper & excel

With software validating activity data as it is recorded, we remove tens of thousands of potential errors from every project, every year.

Try before you buy

Our demo gives you access to several key features: Drill Planning, Field Activities, Drill Production, Sample Dispatch and Tenements.

Mobile Field Apps

Speed up your workflow and see into the status of your project with live data from the rig to cloud. Drill reports, safety and inspections.

Case Studies

Base Metals Producer

Global base metals producer.

Implementing CoreTrack as a mine management system produced these key outcomes:

- Improved overall visibility across business units with increased trust in information;

- Reduced manual reporting with auditable processes and secure data;

- 15%-30% efficiency increases across all information management processes.

Axis Mining Technology

Global supplier of mining survey technology.

We developed Axis onSite™ on top of our SaaS platform to allow wireless transfer of survey data from any tool to the cloud.

- Single tool hire workflow for contractors with seamless integration with field tablets;

- Immediate and secure data delivery to the client eliminating information lag;

- Increased competitive advantage and take-up of product globally.

Global Mineral Mining Co.

Global gold mining company.

CorePlan streamlined exploration workflow and produced these key results:

- 2x faster deployment of system for new projects;

- 50% improvement in the integration of production and project data;

- 10%-20% efficiency increase across all information management processes.

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