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About SpringTech

SpringTech’s agile business model and collaborative client approach means we are constantly evolving and innovating to create the ultimate in responsive and user-friendly workflow digital solutions for the mining sector.

From the field to the boardroom, SpringTech adds business intelligence to mining data through an intuitive cloud-based interface. Our online workplace and scalable solutions save time and costs to optimise mining operations of all sizes.

SpringTech’s core staff work with an internal development team, clients and key partners to ensure we remain at the forefront of our field.

Alex Goulios – CEO

As the CEO of Spring Tech Alex is responsible for platform development, implementation and management of technical and visual data, delivering data platforms in global mining projects.

Alex is a highly experienced IT expert with over 15 years experience in GIS, Project Planning and Management. Alex has trained and managed geoscientists, implementing and managing geological datasets, GIS systems and developing data handling solutions across Australia, Indonesia, Africa, China and the United Kingdom. Alex has highly developed skills in GIS implementations, database management, auditing, IT infrastructure and system integration.

Chris Morrissey – Non Executive Director

Chris has more than 15 years’ experience working in the technology industry. Before leaving the UK, Chris was employed as Operations Manager for the UK’s largest technology retailer, GAME Group. Chris has significant experience in providing IT services to a range of industries, where he works with companies to manage IT and improve company productivity. He has most recently managed IT infrastructure for a number of Perth based mining companies with remote sites throughout Africa. Chris has a passion for all things technical but also has the ability to convey this in a non-jargon manner. With technical expertise in a range of cloud platforms such as Azure, Office 365 and AWS, and understands how to leverage these technologies to get the most from them. Chris is Manager of Technology at CSA Global where he leads the companies technology strategy and drives innovation through tech.

Chid Gilovitz – Lead Developer

Chid is a web and mobile software developer who came to the tech industry after 8 years’ as a mining and environmental consultant. This background has given him a strong understanding of the requirements of geospatially-enabled technology as well as the ways that users interact with technology in the field. Chid works primarily in open source languages and frameworks like python (Django), javascript (Angular and React) and Swift.

Chid believes in human-centred design and always aims to make technology that improves users’ lives and makes the world a better place. When he’s not in front of a computer, he’s probably somewhere out in the bush, hiking, climbing, or taking photos.

Macalister Walton – Geospatial Developer

Macalister has more than 25 years’ experience in the Private and Government Sectors having development and supported IOT solutions across the resource industry, on agribusiness projects and communication projects.

Mac is a highly experienced in GIS design and implementation. Mac has worked with and managed environmental scientist and geologist implementing GIS systems and developing data handling solutions across Australia, and Africa. Mac has highly developed skills in IOT, deep learning, remote sensing and builds bespoke sensor systems is his spare time.

SpringTech works closely with a board of specialist advisors to ensure we remain at the forefront of our field. Our advisors include experts from a wide range of fields including enterprise solutions, cognitive science, mining, infrastructure, business, marketing, and many more.

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