The key to safety is in your hands

CorePlan Safety encourages safe and practical working practices through digitisation.

CorePlan Safety is a safety management plan app that allows you to have all your OH&S documents at your fingertips in one central location. CorePlan Safety digitises inspection, induction and incident papers and provides automated analytics so you can monitor your team and project every step of the way. ​

  • Run inspections and incident reporting on the rig
  • Designed to run your lead and lag indicators
  • Manages all of your take 5 and incident reporting
  • Based around forms that you go through and tick
  • Integrates seamlessly with your already implemented processes
  • Everything is managed centrally within the app
  • Create and develop your own customised forms

Digitises traditional forms

Eliminates the need for traditional paper forms making reporting simpler, faster and more accurate.

Live reporting and analytics

Real-time analytics allows you to see what has been reported so you can identify and resolve incidents quicker.

Increased accessibility

Upload documents so everyone working on your project can have access to them at all times.


“Talisman Mining has been keeping track of our exploration activities with the CorePlan Safety app. It has allowed us to provide better safety governance and increased visibility across our operations.”
Tony Greenaway, General Manager – Geology, Talisman Mining Limited